From Start to Finish

The Process

First Meeting

In our first meeting, we will find out in which way you need assistance. This meeting is always free of charge.

Preliminary Investigation

The design process starts by making an inventory of your needs and wishes and investigating the initial situation. We will talk about what you envision for your project. Making an initial assessment can include taking measurements and photos, consulting the municipal archive, examining the zoning plan and welfare memorandum, and requesting land registry data.

Preliminary Design

The plans we discussed in the previous step will be mapped out by means of drawings and 3D images. It is quite usual to return to the drawing board until we are satisfied we have reached the next step.

Final Design

In the final design, architectural engineering is added to the design to complete the description of the plan.

Once you are happy with the final design, it is possible that environmental permits must be applied for and a contractor will be found.

Construction Plans

Once the permits have been acquired and a contractor has been found, specialised engineers such as construction engineers or installers are involved to design certain aspects of the plan. Incorporating these parts of the design into the drawings will provide the construction plans that will be used on site. Now the build can start.

Construction Supervision

Having up-to-date drawings on site is essential to a successful build, it reduces error and therefore costs. During the build, I can supervise to make sure the end result is the environment you set out to achieve.

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